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  • Michael Livian

Why You Should Not Lose Your Sleep Over Inflation

The unprecedented Covid-19 monetary and fiscal stimuli (almost 25% of US GDP, according to some calculations) are awakening investors' fears of hyperinflation and currency debasement.

Our team's analysis, presented in our webinar "Inflation or Deflation: The Great Debate" (Sep 23, 2020), shows why investors should not worry about inflation anytime soon.

Strong deflationary forces are likely to have the upper hand in the near-term. The large government CARES Act was a "one-off", it simply replaced lost income but it did not stimulate demand. Fed's printing press alone will not generate inflation, unless "money velocity" increases. Possible future government actions may become inflationary, but there is very limited supporting evidence today.

We also reviewed the best inflation hedges, should inflation rear back its ugly head!

Inflation or Deflation
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