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Experience Your First Year with Us

We will engage in an interactive process with you. Technology will facilitate a great experience but there is no substitute for our human touch.

Our ultimate goal is for you to achieve peace of mind. Together we build a customized plan to both allow you to pursue your life aspirations and  to be able to deal with unexpected bumps in the road. 

Initial Consultation
and Data Gathering
(Week 1 - 2)

Initial meeting and data gathering. Wealth planning and investment proposal discussion.

Download Fact Finder Checklist

Personal Financial

Portal, Check-ins

and Quarterly


(Quarter 1)

Access to a personal financial portal, Quarterly Performance Reports ("QPRs"), Quarterly Letter, in-person or virtual review (upon request).

Tax Planning and



(Quarter 3)

Tax loss harvesting, retirement contribution and required distributions, charitable giving strategies. QPRs and Quarterly Letter.

Wealth Planning, On-Boarding and Investing

(Week 2-4)

Account on-boarding at custodian of your choice. Access to website. Approval of the Investment Policy Statement ("IPS"). Account invested based on predetermined schedule.

Coaching and

Financial Knowledge Development Programs

(Quarter 2)

QPRs, Quarterly Letter, Investment Webinar. In person or virtual meeting to review the account(s).

Annual Review and IPS Updating

(Year 1)

Annual Review. Investment Policy Statement updates. Annual Letter. Topical Webinars. In person meeting.

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