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Building Blocks of a
Wealth Plan

To achieve full piece of mind about your finances, we help you design a comprehensive wealth plan. Every plan is comprised of six components.


Investment Mgmt

Once we determine your investment objectives and constraints, together with you we formulate an investment program. The program is based on a level of risk suitable for your specific situation and a selection of investments that meets your needs. 

We help you analyze the main risks in your life and we assist you in adequately mitigating them. As a young parent, you may need life insurance and liability insurance. Later in life, you may need to hedge the risk of outliving your assets or to protect yourself against the rising healthcare costs.

What are your sources of income today? What are your expenses, discretionary and non discretionary? How will your cash flows look like in retirement? How much of your retirement expenses will be covered by social security benefits and required minimum distributions?

Cash Flow Planning
Risk Management

Wise and careful tax planning is instrumental to your long term financial success. We advise you on how to use retirement accounts, charitable giving, tax loss harvesting and tax advantaged investments (municipal bonds, master limited partnership, qualified dividend paying securities).

Retirement Planning

As life expectancy grows with scientific progress, so does the risk of inadequate retirement funding. We help you craft plans and projections that help you both accumulate enough for your future and stay financially independent during your retirement years, while still enjoying life. 

Tax Planning
Estate Planning

We work with your Trust and Estate Attorney to ensure that you can leave a legacy to the people and entities that matter to you, instead of a huge tax burden and probate issues. Proper estate planning starts early in life.

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