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Portfolio Management

  • Accounts are held in your name at an independent qualified custodian of your choice (Fidelity Investments, Schwab, etc).

  • We are compensated exclusively by a fee charged quarterly on the value of the assets. We do not receive any other form of compensation by any other party

  • Investment instruments are carefully selected to minimize costs and maximize returns (they include both low-cost passive and actively managed securities).

High Income Opportunity 

Designed to generate a high level a current income, opportunistically. This strategy invests in individual bonds, preferred shares, common stocks, closed-end funds and units of master limited partnerships/real estate investments trusts.

Equity Opportunity

Modeled using the techniques of the world's most successful hedge funds, this strategy invests in a concentrated portfolio of common stocks. Occasionally we may take some short positions. We combine cheap, high quality stocks with event-driven/special situation positions.

Asset Allocation Profiles

Managed to preserve capital, generate income and stay ahead of inflation. The market value of your accounts will fluctuate only modestly.

The goal of these type of accounts is both to generate income and to grow the principal over time. The market value of your accounts will be subject to temporary fluctuation.

For those investors with very long time horizons, looking to grow their principal over time. These portfolios may experience large fluctuations in value.

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