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My favorite quote is:

"Cogito ergo sum

(I think, therefore I am)"                 


                  -Rene Descartes 

Michael Livian, CFA, CEPA
Chief Executive Officer and Portfolio Manager


I'm the founder and CEO of Livian & Co. I have over 27 years of experience in the financial services industry. I was the Chairman of the Executive Committee and Head of Asset Management at Safdie Investment Services Corp. (subsidiary of the Swiss private bank, Banque Safdie). Prior to this position I was a Managing Director at Speed Ventures, a primary pan-European private equity/VC firm. I also worked as an Associate Director for Bear Stearns & Co. in New York and in Italy with a special focus on fixed income and credit derivatives. I hold a summa cum-laude MSc degree in Economics from the University of Milan. I published several academic articles and books on quantitative finance, fixed income and equity valuation. I am a CFA charterholder, a member of the CFA Society of New York (CFANY) and the former co-chairperson of the Private Wealth Management Committee at CFANY. I live in New York with my wife and three children.

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